Friday, June 13, 2008

Command line Google searches with goosh

Goosh (short for Google Shell) is a web page that acts like a command-line interface for Google running in your browser window. It's the Google equivalent of the DOS prompt or Unix shell.

At first I just thought it was cute, which it is. But now I've found myself doing most of my searches from it. So let's take it for a spin.

Here's the empty goosh command line.

Now type a search term and hit Enter. The first 4 results display.

Type the number of the result to open that link in a new tab. Type m (for more) to see more results. Type c (for clear) to clear the results. Pressing the up arrow will cycle through previous commands that you typed, just like you can in a shell window. Nice.

There's a cleverness in the way Google's different search capabilities are partitioned in goosh. Type "cd images" and you switch to the images directory.

From the images directory, type your search term, and the image results display.

Or type "video chicago" and you'll search YouTube for Chicago videos.

Now, the kids on Slashdot don't seem to care for it because, well, you can't run unix commands in goosh, which utterly misses the point.

Finally, a geeky in-joke I just can't resist.

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