Thursday, September 9, 2010

WebSphere MQ Adapter for nServiceBus Released


Announcing the release of an open source WebSphere MQ adapter for nServiceBus – nServiceBusWmq.

The code was written by Tim Sieberg and Neil Adams, with contributions by Adam Tybor. I’ll be maintaining the project.

The adapter is built against nServiceBus 1.9. It is being used in production against WebSphere MQ 6.x.

A notable feature in this MQ adapter is failover protection. What this does is automatically drop down to a MSMQ queue on the local machine if the connection to MQ is lost. Once a connection to MQ is re-established, the messages are automatically forwarded from MSMQ to the correct MQ destination queues.

We needed this because the production MQ server briefly goes offline twice a day for automatic maintenance. We didn’t want publishers to break or be interrupted, so failover was our solution.

Hope this adapter helps anyone looking at nServiceBus who needs it to work with MQ. I’ve found the two to be a great combination.


didi said...

Will you be doing any presentations on the uses and benefits of nServiceBus for Chicagolanders?

Lee C. Harold said...

I'll be doing a presentation on nServiceBus and show some example code at the Chicago ALT.NET meeting on January 12th, 2011.

Come join us - it's free!